<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 TRANSITIONAL//EN"> <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Reviews</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY TEXT="#000000" LINK="#072a0e" BGCOLOR="#fdf4cd"> <DIV ALIGN="center"> <IMG SRC="title16bit.gif" WIDTH="385" HEIGHT="70" ALT="Light Nights title banner"> <BR><BR> <STRONG>[ <A HREF="index.html">Home</A> | <A HREF="contact.html">Where &amp; When</A> | <A HREF="audiences.html">Audience Quotes</A> | Reviews | <A HREF="programme.html">Programme</A> | <A HREF="kristin.html">Krist&iacute;n</A> ]</STRONG> </DIV> <HR SIZE="3"> <big><B>What have the critics said about previous <i>Light Nights</i> productions?</B> <BLOCKQUOTE> "Light Nights is really a great cultural phenomenon"<BR> "There is no doubt about it -- the tourists will enjoy seeing the Icelandic stories and traditions in this romantic light"<BR> <I>Sveinn Haraldsson, Dramatic Arts Critic, Morgunbladid (Reykjav&iacute;k, Iceland)</I> <BR> <BR> "Krist&iacute;n G. Magn&uacute;s is a performer of genuine skill and versatility."<BR> <I>Valdimar Bj&ouml;rnsson, L&ouml;gberg Heimskringla (Canada)</I> <BR><BR> "...it is an extraordinary success and provides a most heart-warming evening in the theatre."<BR> <I>H.J.G. Majorca Daily Bulletin (Majorca)</I> <BR><BR> "Krist&iacute;n G. Magn&uacute;s brings to life one of many Icelandic folktales about S&aelig;mundur the Learned and his struggles with Old Nick... If you want to know more about the history, folklore, poetry, music and sagas of Iceland, it's devilishly good theatre!"<BR> <I>Jane Dale, News from Iceland (Reykjav&iacute;k, Iceland)</I> </BLOCKQUOTE> </big><HR SIZE="3"> </BODY> </HTML>