<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 TRANSITIONAL//EN"> <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Audiences Quotes</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY TEXT="#000000" LINK="#072a0e" BGCOLOR="#fdf4cd"> <DIV ALIGN="center"> <IMG SRC="title16bit.gif" WIDTH="385" HEIGHT="70" ALT="Light Nights title banner"> <BR><BR> <STRONG>[ <A HREF="index.html">Home</A> | <A HREF="contact.html">Where &amp; When</A> | Audience Quotes | <A HREF="critics.html">Reviews</A> | <A HREF="programme.html">Programme</A> | <A HREF="kristin.html">Krist&iacute;n</A> ]</STRONG> </DIV> <HR SIZE="3"> <big><STRONG>A few lines from letters written by <i>Light Nights'</i> audiences in recent years</STRONG> <BLOCKQUOTE> "Am here for the fourth time bringing foreign visitors. Fabulous show, will certainly return with my next visitors"<BR> <I>Edda S. J&oacute;hannsd&oacute;ttir, Iceland</I> <BR> <BR> "Very informative and exciting production"<BR> <I>Iman Aurora Snedvig, Concord, Massachusetts, USA</I> <BR> <BR> "Thoroughly enjoyable! Come to America again!"<BR> <I>Scott and Shirley Richardson, Minnesota, USA</I> <BR> <BR> "Excellent acting, an absolute joy to watch!"<BR> <I>Margreet Harnsen, The Netherlands</I> <BR> <BR> "Krist&iacute;n Magn&uacute;s' show is unique... Her art, her warm personality and her refreshing sense of humor breathe life into the annals and traditions of the Icelandic society."<BR> <I>W.R. McQuillan, Her Britannic Majesty's Ambassador (Reykjav&iacute;k, Iceland)</I> <BR><BR> "You made me believe the magic of theatre again."<BR> <I>Matja (Finland)</I> <BR><BR> "Ich danke f&uuml;r den sch&ouml;ne Abend, der mich etwas kennenlernen lie&szlig; von dem Leben in alter Zeit u. den Sagas dieses sch&ouml;nen Landes."<BR> <I>Helga Hallfahrt (Hamburg, Deutschland)</I> <BR><BR> "Krist&iacute;n Magn&uacute;s is a very talented actress and the show is exhilarating."<BR> <I>Anna Marie LaRocca (Rome, Italy)</I> <BR><BR> "... there you get a peek into Iceland's past and I think it is a must for every tourist, so he will enjoy his stay here. As a matter of fact, I went twice."<BR> <I>Reverend Miller (Michigan, USA)</I> <BR><BR> "Your show was Wonderful, Brilliant, Fantastic, Excellent."<BR> <I>Mr. Ronan Meyler (Republic of Ireland)</I></big> </BLOCKQUOTE> <HR SIZE="3"> </BODY> </HTML>